Installment Service Tamara


Godbless you! Today you will discover the most beautiful payment service in history, which is Tamara

What is Tamara?

It is a payment method that enables the customer to purchase now and pay later either in 3 easy installments or within 30 days from the date of shipping the order without any additional fees.

How is the postpaid payment method?

Simple! Buy the product today, get it delivered, and pay within 30 days of shipping without any fees or interest

How is the installment payment method?

The easiest thing is, we divide the invoice amount for you in 3 installments, the first payment you pay when purchasing, which is a third of the amount, the second payment after a month, and the last after a month.

I mean, the bill came to you 300 riyals, you pay 100 riyals upon purchase, then 100 riyals in a month, and after a second month, 100 riyals.

No additional interest or fees whatsoever

Is there interest or fees?

No, never, you will always pay the same amount of the item you purchased, Tamara, and the store will not apply fees, and there are no interests or profit rates from Tamara on the customer. You bought a product for 300 srs, you pay us 300 srs.

How long does the purchase process take?

Very standard time, and not complicated.

All we need from you is your mobile number and we make sure that you have a bank card (mada, Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay).

Do you withdraw the amount at the time of purchase or make a reservation on it?

We will never withdraw money from you without your consent.

On the day of the purchase, you will never pay anything.

How much should my requests be?

The service is available for orders from 99 riyals to 1000 riyals.