be a marketer

How do I market stations?

Just provide us with the binary name, mobile number, e-mail, IBAN and the name of the bank on the WhatsApp store, and within 24 hours, you will receive a 10% discount code for you and 10% for your customers and a link to track how many customers have used your code and your balance from the commission

Why be a commission marketer at Mahatat?

  • Mahatat Store is a trusted Saudi store from the Ministry of Commerce and on the well-known platform of the Ministry and offers guaranteed products.
  • Mahatat Affiliate Program will help you achieve higher income just by inviting your friends and whoever you would like to purchase Mahatta products.
  • You will earn 10% for each user who buys products through you (i.e. the user must buy using the code that was registered in your name to get the commission).
  • Mahatta store has many distinctive products at reasonable prices. You can market any products you choose and profit from them.
  • The profits you have achieved will be transferred via bank transfer, provided that they are not less than 100 riyals, and they will be transferred at the end of each month.
  • Registering and purchasing from Mahatat store is very easy and takes just a few clicks. There are no complications for users and dealing with the site is completely automatic.

How can I market for Mahatat?

  • You can use the promotional images that are placed in the store accounts and put them on your site, blog or accounts.
  • Use your accounts in social networks.
  • or any other suitable method that does not harm the terminal store or cause inconvenience to other users.

How much can I earn?

There is no upper limit at all. If you have a Twitter or WhatsApp account, for example, or you work as a professional e-marketer and you can invite dozens, hundreds or even more. Stations Store will always pay you 10% on every purchase made by you.

Terms of the Mahatat Store Affiliate Program:

  • In order to earn 10% of the value of purchases, the person must buy through you from the store, that is, if he does not use your code that was given to you, you will not get the commission.
  • The commission is calculated when the person orders and receives the product within 7 days, and in the event of returning the product or canceling the order, the commission will not be calculated.
  • It is forbidden to use pop-up windows or use any other methods that force the visitor to open the site without his desire.
  • Your use of the Stations Affiliate Program means your agreement to the store's terms of use and the privacy policy.
  • The Stations Store has the right to suspend the account with any profits made in the event that fraudulent or misleading marketing methods for the site are proven, or in violation of the previous conditions.