baby cultivation box

48 SAR السعر شامل الضريبه

Children's box planting stations

Fund Components:

# Agricultural soil

# sprinkler for irrigation

# 4 types of seeds (wheat - arugula - sunflower - beans)

# Stickers with the names of seeds

# 8 small places

Target age group:

Children from 5-16 years old

How to use:

In the beginning, the pots are filled with soil in an unfilled manner.

The seeds are placed on top of the soil.

A sticker is placed on each corner in the name of the planted seeds.

A simple layer of soil is placed that covers the seeds completely.

The pots are irrigated with water through the attached sprinkler so that the seeds do not move.

Places in a well-lit place and not too hot, for example, a window.

· Follow the stations every day and spray with water to maintain humidity.

Expect after 5-7 days the seeds will begin to germinate.

The plants can be transferred to open soil or larger places after 10-20 days.

Benefits of farming for the child:

Helps in enhancing self-confidence and teaching them to take responsibility.

· They learn patience because most children have urgency and achieve desires in the fastest time.

Increases concentration, memory efficiency, and improves mood and psychological state.

Spend useful time away from screens.

Physical movement, meditation, contemplation, asking questions, discovery and experiment.

Helping to acquire some scientific trends and tendencies.

Acquisition of some simple scientific concepts about plants.

Opening up some useful discussions such as:

Some names of plants in the Qur'an

A plant is a living thing

The benefits of some plants

The importance of air, water, light and soil

- plant food

Plants are a source of livelihood

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