common questions

What is Mahatat Store and what are its objectives and activities?

Mahatat Store is a store that specializes in home accessories and everything related to the interior and exterior surroundings of the home.

Where is the office and warehouses store stations located?

In Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Are the products shown in Mahatta store available?

Yes. All products displayed in the store are available in terminal warehouses and ready for immediate delivery.

How do I register a membership in the station store and do I have to do this to complete the purchase process?

You can register through this registration page and you must make sure that all the data is correct, as you will not be able to purchase in the event of any deficiency or incorrectness in the information.

What is the payment method on the site and how do I get the bank account data?

The payment method on the site is through 6 methods, which are cash on delivery, credit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, STC Pay and Tamara. The data can be seen through the order completion page.

Can I order from outside the Kingdom?

Yes, it is available for Gulf countries, you can request and we are honored to do so.

Is shopping through the station store safe?

Shopping through the Mahatta store and payments through the site are 100% safe. The site is equipped with the SSL security protocol, which specializes in maintaining the security and confidentiality of information. When entering the station store, you will notice the security sign, which is in the form of a lock, next to the link. Sites that have this feature are considered secure because the data is transmitted through a degree of protection that can be trusted. Always make sure to have this tag on when shopping online.

Can I buy your products and send them as a gift through you to a third party?

Yes, you can buy products through the Mahatat store and send them to your loved ones. It is also possible to hide the price of the products and wrap the gift and put it in your name and reach directly to the recipient of the gift when you request it by choosing to receive the order through another person on the order completion page.

Can I return the order?

Yes. Please visit the returns policy page for more information about the terms of return of orders for Mahatta Store.

Can I get free shipping when I buy from Mahatta Store?

Yes, you can get free shipping when your purchases are more than 299 riyals at one time, and also through periodic offers that we publish in the Mahatta store. For more, please visit the shipping and delivery page.